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After browsing thousands of listings, we have put together a Branding Guide for hosts who would like to take it up a notch.

- Chock full of verbs (spoil, unwind, indulge), adjectives (pin-drop quiet, soothing, vintage), activities, places to see, and more.

- Tips for finding your “vacation theme” and ideal audience.

- Find just the right words to get across the right “feel”.

The Guide also helps pull all the pieces together so that your listing comes across as a wonderful little story that potential guests enjoy reading.

Don’t settle for boring old descriptions aimed at the wrong people…

Harness the unique qualities of your rental while attracting the guests you want.

Plus, if you’re tired of calling your amazing views “amazing”...

...or your charming cottage “a charming cottage”…

...this is the thing for you!

We sincerely hope you enjoy browsing the guide as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

And as travelers and Airbnb guests, we really hope you use it too! :D

- Kati and Brian
, Creators

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Airbnb Branding Guide

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